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Rait Ratasepp

Dear All,

Information provided by Ivar Leiten from Estonia

This is Rait Ratasepp reference

" I have been using Cellfood drops and Cellfood Multivitamin about 1 year and have been using different amount of drops depending of how intensive is my training and which kind on training program have.

After using Cellfood products over about year know i can say that Cellfood works good for me. My body has jumped to very high intensive training and competition and Cellfood has a very big part in this.

Blood analyses shows that blood is good and body has all the minerals that it should have.

For the best result you must see all the aspects, that you are eating well and healthy, because then you can benefit the most from Cellfood. "

Rait Ratasepp

33 years old

Ultra Triathlon


Visit Rait Ratasepp sites here:

My blog

My Facebook page

My page

Rait is only Ultra triathlon athlete in Estonia, and just won 3X Ultra triathlon 2-place in Germany. You can use our reference if you like to.

Best regards

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