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Cellfood is an award-winning and world-leading oxygen mineral supplement that is made from the finest organic plant ingredients, and works remarkably by supplying essential nutrients at cellular level, and so assists in:

• Oxygenating every cell in the body
• Cleansing, restoring and regenerating cells
• Providing essential nutrients at cellular level
• Scavenging free radicals, so reducing primary cause of aging and degenerative disease
• Balancing & re-energising all bodily systems

The Magnetic Resonance Analyzer, an analyzing machine, developed in U.S.A. for measuring frequencies and wave motion, was used to test the effect of Cellfood on the average person’s physical and mental areas, as well as its effect on vitality levels, and its ability to deal with disease conditions.

CELLFOOD SURFACE TENSION STUDY - by Dr Christopher Rulison Ph.D.

In a recent study conducted at Augustine Scientific Research Center, USA. This highly technical study demonstrates that because Cellfood reduces surface tension to that of extra-cellular body fluids, the nutrients in Cellfood are rapidly and totally absorbed by the cells.


The Institute for Sports Research publishes their results after extensive testing using Cellfood and SWITCH (Now know as Cellfood Sport) on 45 athletes during 2001.

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