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These are copies of advertorials published in leading magazines or newspapers. Adobe Acrobat version 6 or later is required to view these files. They may take some time to download, depending on the speed of your internet connection - Please be patient.

Current adverts

Dis-Chem Benefits - Cellfood : An exceptional health product - Spring 2017


Below are our mails we sent to all our customers as well as to our list of pharmacies to inform them of our radio and TV marketing campaign started in July. The DSTV ad / competition ran only for the month of July but the radio ad on 702 will run for a whole year.

The Cellfood family - Summer 2013

Meet the Cellfood Champions July-2013 - Spring 2013

Dis-Chem benefits - Tick the boxes - Winter 2013

Looking for a supplement that ticks all the boxes - Autumn 2013

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Leaders in Wellness - Winter 2012

Leaders in Wellness - Autumn 2012

Oxygen Longevity Ad - Dis-Chem Benefits - Autumn 2012

Oxygen Repair Ad - Dis-Chem Benefits - Autumn 2012

Understanding Oxidative Stress - Dis-Chem Benefits - Autumn 2012

Cellfood and Stress - Dis-Chem Benefits - Summer 2012

Alex Harris - Dis-Chem Benefits - Summer 2012

Gordon Gilbert - Dis-Chem Benefits - Summer 2012

Caxton papers advert - Jan 2012

Plus 50 Longevity magazine advert - Dec / Jan

SANEC Business Directory advert - Dec / Jan

Leaders in wellness - Spring 2012

Cellfood and Cancer Conditions - Spring 2012

Longevity DNA Regenerating Formula & Homocysteine - Spring 2012

Repair Silica Strengthening Formula - Spring 2012

Leaders in wellness - Summer 2012

Dis-Chem benefits - Cellfood Family - Summer 2012

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